Ken Mackovic

President and CEO


Ken Mackovic, President and CEO

When prudent business people evaluate an opportunity, they look at a number of key factors that go into the decision making process. One of those factors is the experience of the people involved in the management of the company. In Ken Mackovic, GlobalSmart Products has a seasoned professional with a strong track record. Ken has more than 20 years of experience as owner or Master Distributor of several online and direct selling companies.

Ken was the founder of Olde Worlde Products. Ken had 125,000 sales associates who produced more than $100 Million in sales and operated in 5 countries over an 8 year period. Olde Worlde Products is still doing business today (not MLM) under a different name with new owners, as a private label manufacturer.

Ken was an Executive Director with Legalshield before liquidating his assets. And, had a sales team in excess of 24,000 insurance associates

In 2004, Ken was a co-founder of NexagenUSA, an international company that operated in 9 countries with $80 Million plus sales. Ken resigned and sold his interest with NexagenUSA in 2005. Ken now devotes his full attention to online marketing with GlobalSmart Products and affiliate corporations.

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