Dr. Katherine Crafton

Scientific Advisor


GlobalSmart Products is pleased to have Dr. Katherine Crafton as part of our GlobalSmart Family. Not only is she successful, and well respected in her field, she is also a successful Distributor, offering her patients, and others, our state of the art nutritional supplements. She has reported great results from others and also shares her own personal testimony about GlobalSmart Products.

Dr. Crafton provides the ZYTO Scan Technology to our Distributors and their Customers and has seen amazing results from the GlobalSmart Products that she has recommended to them.

As her time permits, Dr. Crafton is a featured speaker on our Thursday Night Product Training Calls. We value and appreciate her knowledge of natural ingredients, natural products and natural healing.

You can hear Dr. Crafton on our GlobalSmart Product CD with our CEO / President Ken Mackovic.

Dr. Katherine Crafton is a Chiropractic Physician and is one of only 241 Board Certified Atlas Orthogonists worldwide. This special technique is focused on the upper cervical area of the spine and utilizing physics and engineering principles the "Atlas" is specifically placed into a precisely measured position with a percussive sound wave.

Dr. Crafton has dedicated herself to discovering the answers for those people with serious health concerns and has 20 years of experience as a Nutritional Therapist. Her private practice located in Mobile, Alabama is a state-of-the-art facility designed for the patient's total health recovery. Her practice methods attract patients from throughout the United States. She received the AMC award for her treatment of Fibromyalgia patients.

As a nationally known physician, Dr. Crafton has been published in the health magazine, Breakthroughs in Health, and has been the featured speaker for many conferences, and taught continuing education courses most recently for the Alabama Dental Society and for Thomas Hospital conference for Physical Therapists. Dr. Crafton taught college level Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology.

Dr. Crafton attended the University of Michigan, Sherman College of Chiropractic where she was awarded her Doctor of Chiropractic, Sherman College of Chiropractic for post doctoral studies; Board Certification for Atlas Orthogonal and Life Science Institute for Natural Hygiene.

Professional Memberships include; The American Nutraceutical Association, The International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine, Alabama State Chiropractic Association and Baldwin County Chiropractic Society.


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