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No one needs to tell you that weight control and obesity is a national problem plaguing most of North America. In the U.S. alone, some 200 million people have a weight problem. And an ever expanding number of children are experiencing great difficulty managing a normal weight.

Now, GlobalSmart Products is bringing SLYM MAGIC, the finest weight-loss product in the last ten years, to the marketplace. An extremely effective product that not only helps curb appetite, but also supplies abundant energy to all its users.

Please take a moment and read about these amazing and magical ingredients that make up the incredible SLYM MAGIC

Vitamin B6 40mg

Amino acid metabolism
Lipid metabolism
Neurotransmitter synthesis
Histamine synthesis
Hemoglobin synthesis and function
Gene expression

Chromium Polynicotinate 120 mcg

Benefits of Chromium Polynicotinate:

Helps turn protein into muscle and convert sugar into energy
Helps maintain healthy body weight and promotes normal energy metabolism
Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and promotes cardiovascular health
Promotes normal insulin function and maintains healthy blood sugar levels
Chromium-activated insulin increases the amount of blood sugar available for energy production nearly twenty-fold
Chromium works in the body as the glucose-tolerance factor that stimulates insulin activity
May help with PMS related symptoms
May help suppress hunger pains
Non toxic form of Chromium
Absorbed much better than other forms of Chromium

Proprietary Blend 400 mg

Cocoa Powder-Jet Black Bean, Kelp(Atlantic) Whole Plant, Coral Mineral, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (constituent from Geranium Flower), Phenylethylamine HCL, Trace Mineral Complex, Fucoxanthin

Cocoa Powder-Jet Black Bean

Cocoa derives its health benefits from flavonoids which are plant pigments capable of acting as antioxidants to counteract some of the cellular damage that can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Cocoa Powder has also been shown to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow in humans. Also helps with inflammation.

Kelp (Whole Plant)

Kelp is especially high in iodine, which must be present for proper glandular function and metabolism. It also contains iron, sodium, phosphorus and calcium, as well as magnesium and potassium. Kelp is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, plus amino acids. Kelp also makes a popular salt substitute. Because the plant's nutrients come in a natural form, they are easily assimilated by the body.

Coral Mineral and Trace Mineral Complex

We are a mineral-deficient society. The typical American diet lack minerals, but even if you tried to eat a diet high in foods typically containing minerals, you are still probably coming up short. Reasons contributing to mineral deficiencies include: our soils are depleted; we take medications that deplete certain nutrients; we consume processed foods; and the list goes on.

Minerals are naturally occurring crystalline elements of inorganic origin. They originate from the ground or water. Perhaps most important, yet most overlooked, are the trace minerals. Trace minerals are found in the body in very small amounts.

Even though they occur in such small quantities, the importance of supplementing them should never be overlooked. There are 31 common trace minerals and some examples of these are chromium, selenium, iodine, zinc, and sulfur. The many functions of minerals in the body include: 

     Formation of bone
Healthy nerve function
Regulating muscle tone
Energy production
And hundreds if not thousands of other amazing functions we don't have space for in this article.

Every living cell depends on minerals for either proper function or structure. Science has shown that type 2 diabetics have lower levels of minerals like chromium and magnesium than people who are not type 2 diabetics. 

Osteoporosis and osteopenia are becoming epidemic. Again, the lack of the right minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc., contributes to this health issue. Oh, don't forget the energy crisis. 

Millions of women are suffering from fatigue due to anemia-nother condition with links back to mineral deficiencies. Conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many others all have links to lower than normal levels of key minerals that help maintain good health. Over 150 different diseases have been linked to mineral deficiencies. Many of these deficiencies are with the trace minerals and are virtually impossible for a doctor to diagnose. 

Minerals also play a critical role in raising the pH of the body back to its natural, healthy levels. A higher pH (alkaline) is important because most disease thrives in a low pH (acidic). 

Nature has provided us with the most complete and balanced mineral supplement all in one place-fossilized stony coral. Organic stony coral minerals contain a balance of 74 minerals including every mineral found in the human body. The natural balance of all 74 minerals is important because each mineral requires other minerals to do its job and, in turn, those minerals require different supporting minerals. 

All minerals must be present for any one mineral to work properly. The organic nature (previously digested by an animal) of the coral minerals is also important. It is very difficult to digest and absorb minerals, especially inorganic minerals.

Fossilized stony coral minerals are highly absorbable. What makes the coral minerals so absorbable is their natural ability to become ionic (disperse in water) upon contact with moisture. This natural ability to go ionic combined with the completeness and whole food form makes fossilized coral minerals one of the best minerals available to the body. 

In summary, consuming fossilized stony coral minerals as a part of your regular everyday diet is a sound way to ensure you're not missing the minerals that sustain life.


The geranium flower contains essential oils that provide an array of health benefit. It may help with anxiety, digestive disorders and support the digestive system. Promote healthy cell growth, improve skin and muscles.

1,3-Dimethylamylamine is a derivative of geranium oil which resembles the body's own chemical messenger, epinephrine (adrenaline).  Similar to adrenaline, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine exhibits a powerful CNS stimulating ability, for increased energy, mental clarity, and physical performance.  1,3-Dimethylamylamine works through a similar pathway as ephedrine, causing an increase in cAMP (the chemical messenger that triggers fat release and provides potent appetite suppression and thermogenic action).

An effective dose of geranamine is about 25 mg (miligrams) taken 1-3 times a day. 

Phenylethylamine HCL

Phenylethylamine HCL is one of nature's wonder stimulants that you find in chocolate which elevates your mood and supports control over your appetite. The Phenylethylamine works to increase your metabolism, so your body burns more calories in less time without giving you "a case of the jitters" or nervous energy.

Phenylethylamine HCL is a favorite among pharmacologists because it is structurally clean - it is naturally present in human fluids and tissues - and because it has a close chemical relationship to pharmaceutical stimulants.

Phenylethylamine HCL is also found in chocolate, and is responsible for its effects on mood, appetite and sense of well being.

Phenylethylamine is an intrinsically "clean" stimulant. Its ability to stimulate the central nervous system without causing jitters or nervousness is extraordinary! This naturally occurring catecholamine precursor is found in the human body and is known as Phenylethylamine. When Phenylethylamine HCL is taken, the resulting thermogenic enhancement causes an increase in metabolic rate and energy.

Phenylethylamine HCL is a mood elevator and an appetite suppressant that affects the central nervous system. Phenylethylamine HCL is frequently used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity in people with risk factors such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.    


Japanese researchers now have proof positive that fucoxanthin burns abdominal body fat in laboratory animals. Fucoxanthin is found mainly in various species of brown seaweed such as kombu, wakame, mozuku and hijiki. Since about 1970, hundreds of studies have revealed the great potential of Fucoxanthin as a safe and nutritional answer to a large array of health issues. Some of these issues include:

     Weight Gain
High Cholesterol
Thyroid Conditions
Heart Disease
Blood Pressure


Caffeine (Natural Source)100 mg

Vanadium (nicotinate/glycinate chelate) 10mcg

Benefits of Vanadium:

You might find it interesting to know that Vanadium has a number of health benefits. First, has been found to be necessary for tooth and bone development. Vanadium is also reported to play a significant role in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

It is also believed to help in metabolism of cholesterol and blood lipids. If you have too little Vanadium you may end up with high cholesterol as well as high triglyceride levels, and you are at a higher risk for cardiovascular and kidney related diseases.  

 Meet The Incredible Bonnie Woods

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It's Not Just about Losing Weight,

It's about the Quality of YOUR Life!

What a difference losing 40 pounds can make!  What a difference, not just in the way you look, but also in how you feel - having more energy, a better attitude and generally feeling more positive about life in general. At my last annual check up with my doctor, the scales hit 189 pounds, which was an increase of 15 over the previous year, I realized I had weighing over 200 pounds to look forward to... the following (this) year.  Like many people, as I've grown older, gaining those extra pounds has become so much easier and shedding them seemingly impossible.

So how at the age of 55, after many years of yo-yo dieting, was I able to achieve true weight loss?  The answer was in finding quality health products that replenish missing nutrients to my body as well as providing a weight loss formula that actually works!

What I found with GlobalSmart Products I love better than anything I have ever tried before!

SLYM MAGIC has taken care of why I was gaining weight in the first place, and does so simply by curbing my appetite and reducing my cravings for sweets as well as carbohydrates.  I don't eat anywhere near the quantities of food that I used to without feeling hungry!  This has allowed me to more easily make healthier food choices to lose the weight and keep the muscle without exercising.  I also have great energy now without the jitters that are often caused by other weight loss products.

I found out about SLYM MAGIC from an acquaintance, who went from a size 1X to a size 10, and now I've passing the news on to you!  Her husband lost weight too, going from a size 56 down to a 44!

In addition, I have also seen other health benefits from many other GlobalSmart Products, such as Thermo-Burn Plus, which helps me with a stubborn problem - losing belly fat.

Bonnie Woods
Savannah, GA


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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.