Curtis James


I've heard people say that success is most achievable if you have a passion for doing whatever it is that you do, and enjoy and love doing it. I have always had a passion for helping people to become all that they can be. Fresh out of college, I landed a management position (JOB) with a large well known discount chain. I enjoyed it for a few years, but the long hours and being away from home began to take a toll on me.

Curtis James











After about 18 years on that JOB, I left there and started several small traditional businesses. That too required me to work many long hours and to be away from my family. Still searching for the right vehicle to get me to where I wanted to be in life, right out of the blue like it was magic, I got a phone call from a friend of mine asking me to go to a meeting with him. Out of kindness, I went. And that's when my life began to take shape as to what I wanted to do.

At this meeting, I was introduced to a company called Amway. But most importantly, I was introduced to a concept called direct selling and online marketing where I could work part time, and spend more time with my family, and control my own destiny. That's what I really was looking for. My big break came though when I joined a company called Excel Communications. In a short period of time I became Regional and National Training Director and soon after that I achieved the Rank of Executive Director. I was very successful with this company.

I never left the direct selling industry, and even right now, I have a chance to help so many people get healthy and achieve financial independence.

We are so pleased to have Curtis represent us as a Diamond Distributor. His field leadership will be most valuable as GlobalSmart reaches new heights.

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